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HPM Asset Tracking

HPM® – automatic tracking of medical devices & hospital beds

Did you know that the AVERAGE AVOIDABLE TIME per patient in the ICU is 7.2 hours!

Abundant evidence exists that in up to 90% of the cases the delay was due to the lack of available or suitable hospital beds. This is just one important example why real time asset tracking is essential nowadays.

Software-as-a-Service solution HPM® - a digital product developed that:

  1. displays the exact location as well as the hygienic and technical status for medical devices with live data.
  2. controls the reprocessing process of beds and other medical devices as well as patient rooms in real time and documents them in individual steps.

This optimizes processes and the use of personnel resources. HPM® thus saves you money and time, because our real-time locating system (RTLS) keeps you informed at all times about the location and technical as well as hygienic condition of medical devices. Quick access to an urgently needed medical device can be life-critical.

Your institution can proof perfect reprocessing management of all devices anytime – for your patients and auditing institutions.

Real-Time Asset Tracking of HPM® without cabling and minimal intervention in infrastructure

We are familiar with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology from a variety of everyday applications as well as RF-ID technology. Clinaris GmbH uses BLE technology to locate hospital items to a particular room or, if necessary, even to a precise storage position withhin one room. This is possible by using existing network infrastructures, e.g. Wi-Fi routers, to transfer the location data captured by BLE to a backend via the internet. The objects are located via the communications between BLE transmitters (beacons) fitted to them, and BLE receivers in the relevant rooms or individual storage places. The locations of the tracked items and, optionally, their hygienic and technical status are displayed on digital visualizations (2D or 3D maps) of the hospital.

About Clinaris HPM

How HPM® will help you:
  • Minimize search times
  • Process optimization
  • Nursing Assistance
  • To increase safety and quality of work
  • Documentation of processes
  • To work in compliance with the law
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