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Market analysis and strategy development for medical devices

Which countries shall be the right target for my therapy, product or service? ▪ Is my therapy reimbursed in the country that I want to target? ▪ How big is the market in units and revenue? ▪ What are the competitors and their strategies? ▪ How was the development of the market over the last years? ▪ Which growth potential do I have?

This questions and further relevant queries will be answered by our conclusive analysis. This information provides you and us with a solid basis to select the right target countries and build the right strategy. Some of the elements considered for building a sustainable sales channel.

  • Organizational setup
  • Regulatory approach
  • Product Placement
  • Project Work
  • Pricing
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Training & Education
  • Service

Medical distributor selection and negotiations of appointed dealer agreement

Who might be the right distributor for my product? ▪ How many partners do I need and which coverage do they have? ▪ What is their potential to sell differential technology versus price? ▪ Can they afford financing the growth? ▪ Which legal pitfalls shall I avoid in the appointed distributor agreement in each market?

We partner with numerous first class distributors since several years. Our experience is your filter and your guarantee to gain a successful partner. For specific solutions we search and identify for you the right dealer. We negotiate fair transfer prices, forecast reliable sales numbers and define minimum purchase numbers per year. We fix a proper distribution agreement for you with your selected distributor.

Coordination for regulatory registration in Latin American countries

Do I need to register my medical device product in my targeted country? ▪ Where do I need to register the product and what do I need to do to get approval of my medical devices? ▪ How long does my product need to get approved in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico or other and what does it cost? ▪ Which cost effective way exists to register the product for my company?

Considering best return of investment we recommend you the proper registration approach. i2medi has strategic alliances with the best in class local medical device registration providers. For our clients we offer free of charge access to the best providers. With our partners we speed up the process between 4-12 month compared to an independent approach. The faster market access delivers positive return of investment.

Medical distributor management

How proactive do you manage your medical device distributors? ▪ How many people do you have in your international sales department to take care for your medical device distributors? ▪ How can you achieve that your medical distributors execute the strategies as defined? ▪ How timely can you react with corrective actions? ▪ Do your medical device distributors follow the brand recommendations, service guidelines, and product placement rules?

i²medi is your partner and market expansion to Latin America (such as to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico or other). We keep ourselves involved until the distributor has delivered its sales commitments and even paid its dues. Our presence in the market, and constant monitoring assure small reaction times and deliver you proven results.

Compliance management & control

How well protected are you with respect your obligations to assure that the distributors follow corporate guidelines? ▪ How do you ensure that your medical device distributor is following all your guidelines on compliance respectively general corporate guidances? ▪ When did you audit or train your distributors for the last time on compliance?

Dependent on your desire i²medi can offer you different levels of audits. Our local presence in Latin America enables you to have more control over local operations in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Mexico.

Transform indirect to direct distribution

Your medical device business has successfully evolved and now you are striving to establish your direct distribution channel within your targeted country in Latin America? ▪ What do I need to do to prepare to switch the organizational setup  in the right way? ▪ How can I avoid detrimental effects on sales by the switch from the distributor? ▪ Which the legal aspects shall be considered? ▪ Which costs do I have to expect for my direct operations?

Our in-depth knowledge of the local Latin American markets (e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico) provides you with conclusive answers and recommendations to the corresponding questions. We drive the change maintaining your success!

Sales & market access personnel based in Latin America

You aim to have a part time or full time employee in a target country managing your business with the local distributor? ▪ You aim to get more involved into the daily business and in end user sales?

i²medi has the structure to offer you qualified personal on full or part time basis. Our consultants are all ex-medical device sellers with experience working for multinational companies & medical device distributors. A variable compensation of the consultants assures that we add value to your business instead creating costs.

Hiring of qualified technical personnel

Your medical device requires special technical service competence? ▪ You aim to place a service employee for several countries in Latin America? ▪ Your clients require intensive training and education on the spot?

i²medi has the competence and resources in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and other Latin American countries to dedicate qualified personnel to service, support, train and educate your medical device technology. Our highly qualified engineers can immerse rapidly into your technology and conduct services and trainings on high level. We have experience in organizing training and education events for individual key accounts or groups of more than 100 customers. We team up with first class hospitals, training facilities and attractive congress venues.

Training of customer service & export department

You aim to expand to Latin America and your customer service team shall get further in depth knowledge to export to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico or other Latin American countries?

We can provide you in depth training for smooth exportation processes.

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